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now, it’s harder

Listeners attentions spans have diminished

People are spending more time watching videos on social media as opposed to listening to just music

Becoming a musician today is 100 times easier than it was 10 years ago, which means the competition is crazy fierce and there is literally so much noise out there

That means the hottest digital currency is not a cryptocurrency

It’s attention

With over 5000 hours of video content being uploaded every 60 seconds, people’s attention is extremely limited and grabbing that attention is harder than ever.

To grab new listeners and win new fans in this new digital era, you need to create the right type of content and the right type of video for your music

but what’s the right type of video for beatmakers & artists in 2024?

In the 1990s, standing out with your music was all about creating great music videos on TV.

Fast forward 30 years, it’s now about creating micro content on mobile! But the same rules apply.

Your videos have to grab attention.

That doesn’t mean needing to fly a private helicopter in a music video anymore.

But it does mean you have to get resourceful and create content that forces you to stand out in the hugely saturated music scene.


This is a Dynamic Audio Visualiser Video

we call it a ‘beatwave

Beatwaves are a powerfully, effective way to:

Show off your latest music quickly & easily

Create a professional looking music video that stands out

Engage your audience and grow your fan base ❤️

WITHOUT Hiring Film Crews, Shooting Complex Videos, Or Spending HOURS Creating Content!

Don’t just take my word for it, check out these Beatwave videos

you’re probably thinking:

I get it… you’re likely wondering:

1. How do you create a Beatwave video easily & quickly?

2. How do you produce them fast enough so that it doesn’t become an endless chore?

3. How do you make them look amazing and don’t get drowned out in the endless sea of beatmakers and musicians all trying to compete for attention?

introducing beatwave!

The FASTEST Way To Create Custom Animated Music Videos You Can Create In Less Than 60 Seconds…

(Without Relying On Brand Agencies, Editors, Or Complex Software)

Here’s How Beatwave Works


Choose a Beatwave template that you like the look of!

There’s TONS to choose from!


Upload your track to Beatwave so it can automatically track your music to the visualizer!


Totally customize the Beatwave to look however you want and hit “Create!” That’s it! 🔥

Click. Click. Click… and you’re done!

beatwave gives you the power to explode your fanbase & accelerate your music exposure

without any of the hard work!

(well okay, you still have to make your own music!)

Here’s How Beatwave Will EXPLODE Your Music Business👇🏽

  • Create smoking hot music videos in less than 60 seconds using our proprietary Beatwave video creator!
  • Choose from a variety of professional “done for you” video templates designed for beats, songs and artists of all kinds, crafted by our professional in-house team that also happen to be musicians! We get fresh templates all the time so your videos always look up to date!
  • Totally personalize your music videos by adding your own brand colours, artwork and imagery, text and much more, all in just a few clicks! You can even fully customize the equalizer style in a variety of ways!
  • When you’re ready, you can publish your music videos directly from Beatwave to any social media platform – you never have to leave the app!
  • Here’s the best part: You can create music videos from anywhere, anytime. Beatwave is 100% web based and mobile optimized! That means you can create music videos on your phone and publish straight to your socials, all from the palm of your hand in just a few minutes 🔥

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empower your music business

With Beatwave

Amplify Your Reach: Insta Music Video Creation!

Effortlessly turn your tunes into dynamic music videos with just a few clicks with the Automatic Beatwave Engine

Save time and boost your productivity, allowing you to focus on creating more great music.

Captivate Your Audience: Stunning Visual Templates

Access the diverse Done For You “Auto” Music Video Templates, designed to make your music visually pop and engage your audience!

Customize with Ease: Intuitive Design Tools

The Beatwave Editor allows you to totally personalize your videos with a powerful creative toolset! Customize the visualizer’s colors, add effects and much more to make every video truly unique!

Connect and Inspire: Join the Beatwave Community

Share your visualized tracks with the Beatwave community, explore creations from fellow artists, and engage in a community of like-minded creators!

Beatwave Is The FASTEST Way To Expand Your Reach With Your Music


Instead, listen to some of our raving users and see what they’ve got to say about Beatwave

Beatwave testimonial
beatwave review
beatwave customer review
beatwave customer testimonial

Still Reading? Let Me Ask You A Question…

who would you rather be?

“Tired” David

  • Spends thousands of dollars on creating professional music videos (or $0 on creating really average homemade music videos!)
  • Spends 2 hours a day trying to edit these videos himself
  • Gets mediocre results that don’t represent the quality of his music 😔
  • Spends too much time on creating videos and less time focusing on creating new music

“Creative” David

  • Uses Beatwave to create slick music videos in less than 60 seconds 🔥
  • Can create dozens of music videos at the same time without ever having to lift a camera or edit a video ✅
  • As a result, “Creative” David can spend much more time focusing on the things he’s good at and develop his music brand 💜


Let’s break down the dollar value of what you’re getting access to with Beatwave👇🏽

Automatic Beatwave Engine

($997 Value)

Beatwave uses bespoke (aliens did it) video technology that lets you create fully personalized music videos with little to zero effort. Whilst it looks super simple, the technology is vastly complex and has cost us a tremendous amount of money to build.

Done For You “Auto” Music Video Templates

($1,997 Value)

Instantly set yourself apart from your competition and use our professionally crafted music video templates! You won’t need to worry about your video “looking good”. We’ve done all that for you. If you join our premium plan, you’ll get access to loads more templates that make your music pop 🔥

Powerful Customization Editor

($297 Value)

If you had to tweak every music video manually, it would be kind of tedious. And we don’t like tedious, we enjoy speed. With Beatwave you simply upload your song and pick a template. You’re then 95% done.

All you have to do is tweak a few sliders and change some colors, and you’ve got a totally custom, personalized music video in seconds.

Beatwave will save you time and money, and give you everything you need to get your music looking the way it should ❤️

The Total Value of Beatwave: $3,291.00 But You Won’t Pay That…

you pay $37

Why are we giving you Beatwave for just $37?

Beatwave was designed to be an accessible, low friction tool that empowers artists and creators to get LOUDER with their music and supercharge their marketing. 

We are genuinely passionate about the potential of Beatwave, but we’d never want you to just take our word on blind faith alone.

We understand that in order for you to fully grasp how powerful Beatwave can be for your music career, you need to take it for a test drive and try it out! 

That’s why we’re also throwing in a 30 day, no questions asked guarantee, alongside the ridiculously low cost of admission…

Good deal, yes?


    • Automatic Beatwave Engine ($997 Value)
    • Done For You “Auto” Music Video Templates ($1,997 Value)
    • Powerful Customization Editor ($297 Value)
    • Unlimited Creations
    • No Watermarks
    • Upload Your Own Images & Artwork
    • Customize Text, Colors & Styles
    • Create Landscape, Square Or Vertical Videos. Perfect For All Social Channels.

    join beatwave now!

    one-time cost: $37

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee